Friday, July 27, 2012

The Evolution of Shoes

I think the most interesting thing is I'm looking forward to buying new shoes.

I used to have women's shoes.
You know, things with heels that made my ankles and legs look pretty.
Things I wore with dresses and skirts and other clothing that made me look like a girl.

But, after a year at the radio station, my wardrobe began to evolve.
The studio was far too breezy and cold to wear dresses and skirts. 
They were the first to go.
I purchased a wardrobe full of slacks to cover my legs.

It took some time, but eventually I came to realize how cold your whole body can get when your feet are cold.  And your feet get cold when cold breezes constantly blow over them.
So, I bought socks.
And as my pretty shoes wore out, I replaced them with shoes that I could wear with socks.
Sensible shoes that looked comfortable but not what you'd call "pretty".

Which is all well and good until weddings and awards banquets happen.
And all I've got is "work clothes".  The few dresses I kept "just in case" were just fine, but I no longer had shoes to go with them.
Last summer I bought a pair of capri slacks... because I wanted them and they were fabulous.  It wasn't until I got them home and took the tag off that I realized I didn't have any shoes to wear with them.

Out of necessity, I bought one pair of black flats.  "Just in case."
You can find them in my closet buried under a pile of boots and sensible shoes.

One might wonder why I didn't simply turn up the thermostat.
Simple:  the room has no thermostat.  In fact, few rooms in the entire building have one.

Then, one might wonder why I didn't simply ask for the heat to be turned up (or the AC to be turned down).
I did.
Many times.
I kept a chart of the bizarre temperatures in the studio.  (Someone had placed a thermometer behind the control board.)
When I presented the chart to the general manager, he advised me to bring more clothes.
I wore turtle neck sweaters to work when the temperature was 90 degrees outside.
The head maintenance guy tried to help by installing sheets of metal inside the vents to cut the flow of cold air into the studio.
But the morning guy, who is also the general manager with the helpful wardrobe suggestions, complained about the "whooshing" sound coming from the vents.  The head maintenance guy removed the metal pieces just hours after installing them... then sadly told me why later that day.

A few days ago a saleswoman account representative stuck her head in the studio to shout at me, "Oh my god, are you wearing a sweater?!?  It's like a hundred degrees outside!!"

Here I sit with a closet filled with slacks and sensible shoes.
And one or two dresses that everyone in every celebratory situation has seen at least twice.

You understand, then, why I might look forward to buying pretty shoes.
Maybe a dress or two.  Or three.

The question is, why now?
Why might I think I could wear dresses and pretty shoes now when I haven't for the best of the last eight years?

The answer is... the opposite of the reason I stopped wearing them in the first place.
Can you guess?

They've finally adjusted the temperature of the studio?
Please.  The one time someone tried to do something for me, he was immediately ordered to undo it.

They've moved the studio equipment into a different room?
Uh no.  That would require spending money.

So, if nothing about the room has changed... what did?

Guess quickly before the weekend is over.


jon spencer said...

Did they turn the heat on?

Roses said...

They've finally adjusted the temperature of the studio?
Please. The one time someone tried to do something for me, he was immediately ordered to undo it.

Try again, Jon! ;-)

las794 said...

You're changing jobs?

Mrs. Who said...

Someone died and left you boss? Or else at least a promotion?

Book and Hook said...

If the room hasn't changed, it must be you that has changed or is changing. Are you going through 'The Change'?
Hot Flashes?

Bou said...

I hope I know what it is. If it is, Yay you!!!

We work in a similar situation, but it's on thermostat that doesn't cool evenly. If one room is comfortable, the other is cold. If you make the cold side comfortable, the other side roasts. I wear sweaters in July. In Florida.

Roses said...

Thanks for the guesses.

Two words:
New. Job.

Three words:
Starts. August. Sixth.

I am changing media outlets.
My new job is somewhat clerical yet refreshingly creative.
The staff is supportive and behaves in a team-like manner.

I have windows.

::deep satisfied sigh::

DogsDontPurr said...


I was hoping that was the answer. Congrats!

Christie Critters said...

Congratulations to you on the new gig. I hope that the temperature in the new place is everything that you could want -
Typed while sitting in my chilly breezy office with a portable heater going - in July - in California - when it will be 90 degrees out later in the day.

So very happy for you!

Mrs. Who said...

Roses is happy.
Roses is glad.
Roses is leaving
A job that was bad.

Roses has windows,
And adults on the team.
No more cold studio?
Perfection, it will seem!