Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Things I actually *like* about my job (#1-4)

I think I've given some of you the impression that I don't like my job much.
So, I've started a list:

Things I Actually Like About My Job

1)  How the New Guy acts out the commercials while he waits in the news booth for his turn to speak.  (One afternoon, we both mimed drinking sour milk out of our travel mugs and I ended up inhaling water and gagging for real.)  And there was that one day when we were listening to the story about the guy who was forgotten in a jail cell for five days and had to drink his own urine... and the New Guy just happened to be drinking apple juice at the very same moment.  That was kinda funny.

2)  The genuine appreciation from local non-profits when I call them up and tell them I want to make a public service feature to promote their fundraising events.  I feel like I have a purpose.  I feel like I've really made a difference.

3)  How I can tell someone my name and where I work, and they know exactly who I am and they like me even though we've never met before.

4)  The quiz I play in the afternoon has been more interesting lately since I started using Facebook to give listeners a choice of which prize I'll give away.  How sad is it that a radio personality gets more satisfaction from playing with listeners on Facebook than she gets from being on the radio?  (Hint:  It's very, very sad.)

I thought there'd be more things.
I really did.

I can't even count the first one.  That's someONE I like about my job and certain events that happened at my job, and they have very little to do with my actual job.
The third one is radio general, not job specific.  So, I technically shouldn't count that one, either.
And that last one is just pathetic, really.

Well, crap.

This was intended to be the first of an on-going series of posts, like the "Things I Don't Miss About Living with the Mother-in-Law".
I just might be done right here.

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Christie Critters said...

I'm so sorry that this is happening to you. I wish that there was at least something good that you could hold on to...
In my case I have a window that lets in early morning sunlight and it is warm on my shoulders.
Come to think of it - that is only nice in the winter - the rest of the year when the air conditioning doesn't work, it is just a pain.
In all sincerity - virtual hugs coming your way.