Friday, May 11, 2012

Life after breath

Younger Son made a sound I can't quite describe when he saw one of his goldfish on the floor.
Not breathing.
He nudged it.  Nothing.

The Husband and I stood with Younger Son staring down over the little creature trying to take in that it had apparently jumped out of the bowl it shared with two other fish (or perhaps it was pushed!).  We, too, waited for it to twitch, to breathe.

None of us had any idea how long it had been lying there.
It looked dead.
We remarked how it was a good thing the cat hadn't found it first.

Younger Son fetched a stretch of toilet paper from the bathroom to pick up the goldfish.  He gently carried it to the bathroom for its burial at sea.  When I joined him there, he slowly and ceremoniously tipped his hand to drop the body.

But then... it gasped.

"Oh my god!"
Without a second thought, Younger Son raced back to the fish bowl and dumped the limp fish into it.
"Oh my god!"

Is it breathing?
Is it moving?
You saw it breathe, right?

The other two fish darted around the bowl.  Bumping their lifeless comrade.  Knocking him sideways.  Kissing him.

Look!  His gills are moving.
Did his mouth just open?
You see that?  He moved his fins!

It took a few minutes, but after a while, he was breathing regularly, propelling himself around the bowl, and finally hitting the surface to eat something.

He was this close to being flushed away.

Now, he's perfectly fine.
Younger Son knows which one it is, but I can't tell by the way any of them are behaving which one nearly died.
Good thing, otherwise I'd have to start calling it "Evil Finnievil, Stunt Fish" after his death-defying leap across cat-infested carpeting.
And that would just be silly.


Dani said...

A tiny little fishy miracle.

Christie Critters said...

Amazing, isn't it? We have had this happen with a fish just a little differently...The Bearded One and Stubble "changed the water" in Stubble's fish tank when he was much littler..."Gold II" was floating and struggling in the "fresh water". Stubble was being stoic, "Gold is dying...".
Mom added aquarium salts and miraculously, Gold II was all better in about 20 minutes...
Fish can be remarkably resiliant creatures when given the chance.

Thumper said...

Zombie fish...sleep with an eye open...

DogsDontPurr said...

Certain types of fish are known jumpers. We had some for a while and had to keep a mesh lid over the top of the tank. Maybe you need to do that...cuz I think it's only the kitties that get NINE lives. Fishies...not so much! LOL