Monday, May 07, 2012

Blogger + Google = Bloogle

Hey Bloogle brainiacs,

How do I edit my reading list now?
You "improved" my blog reading experience and forgot to leave the edit feature to the Reading List.

If I'd wanted a Google blog, I'd have had a Google blog.

I sure hope the Blogger founders made a mint off the sale.
Because since they sold, their baby has been bastardized.
Maybe they can buy some new fans with all their money.


Thumper said...

I'm not positive, but I think if you click on the little cog wheel on the far right of the page in the line that says "Reading List," right next to where it says "Read in Google Reader" that you can edit the list from there.

I'm not sure because every time I click it I get an error message...but that's likely where you edit...

Roses said...

I found my way to Google Reader, but not being familiar with it, I don't know how to edit the reading list there either. :-(

Mostly I'm crabby today.
Probably tomorrow when I'm not a jerk it'll be more obvious.
But, thanks for trying, Thump. :-)

Roses said...

Okay, Thumper. I'm feeling *much* better today, and you were right about the gear thing.

Thank you!

Roses said...

P.S. Bloogle still sucks.