Monday, April 23, 2012

The New Guy

The Husband says the new guy in his department reminds him a lot of Elder Son.
I can see that.  He's quiet, but funny when it counts.
Kinda like my dad.  He is usually quiet unless he has something funny to say.

We invited New Guy to see The Hunger Games at the theater with us and a big group of friends.  I was a little concerned when Elder Son ended up at the end of the row with only New Guy to talk to.  But, no worries... I glanced down to see which one of them was more uncomfortable sitting next to the other, and they were chatting animatedly about movies and film making.
Like old chums. 


After harassing New Guy at work, I tried to wave it off by telling him that The Husband and I harass our children in the same manner at home.
I explained, "It's just what we do."
"It's nice you treat me like family," he said.
"It was kinda weird when I realized you're only five years older than my oldest son."
"I'm like the older son you never had who's come home from college then?"
"Um.  Wow.  That's really... uh, I gotta go."


New Guy was in the news booth shortly before his news cast, and it looked like he had a piece of Scotch Tape under his nose.  When he caught me watching him, he removed the tape.
So, I pulled out a stretch of my own Scotch Tape, drew a Magic Marker mustache on it, and placed it under my nose.
He laughed, and we both dove for our tape dispensers.  It was ON!
When we next appeared across the glass from each other, I was wearing a goatee, and New Guy had a handlebar mustache.
He wore his through his entire newscast.
I was impressed.

"Did your mom ever say things to you like 'This is why we can't have nice things'?"
"Well, this is why we can't have webcams in the studio," I told him.

It actually felt like radio for a few minutes, there.
It was nice.


Thumper said...

LOL...I think I like New Guy...

las794 said...

Me, too! :D

Andy said...


Lemon Stand said...

Just imagine what the two of you could do with different neon colors of duct tape? (just avoid the eyebrows... don't ask how I know that...) :)