Friday, March 02, 2012

Just a little "off"

Elder Son:  There was this thing on Big Bang Theory where they talked about whether it mattered or not if a set of stairs was off by a centimeter.  If so, I'd have to say that the cafeteria stairs are off by a centimeter.

Me:  And you'd know this because you trip on them every day?

Elder Son:  Well, not every day.  Just only when I'm carrying food.

Me:  Yeeaaaah.  We'll say it's the stairs that are flawed.



Andy said...

I've got some stairs like that. They lead to our garage apartment, and they get off when I drink beer.

Roses said...


St Jude said...

I can see your son's logic, sounds perfectly good sense to me. x

Christie Critters said...

At our house the thing that is off is anything to do with storage - hangers, drawers, cupboard doors...
Otherwise how come everything ends up on the floor, on the kitchen counter, or on the top of the washing maching?