Monday, March 19, 2012


Discovered over the weekend how many projects and chores I have left undone for weeks, months, and years.
Will devote this week to finishing everything I start (for instance, the sink full of dishes I walked away from to log on and type this) and completing things I've left half done.

The only exception is paying bills.
I'm so far behind on those, I can't possibly finish that entire chore in one sitting during the work week.  But I could take care of one here and there.  My goal is to get at least one or two in the mail every day until the stack is gone.

Where have I been?


Andy said...

Yeah, I noticed that your ass was shrinking.

You're in a club with a bunch of us, BTW.

I swear, Roses, I don't know if I'm going, or coming these days. Truth is, I'm probably neither.

But, pay your light bill! Those folks get awful testy, and shut you down QUICK!

Just sayin'...

Mrs. Who said...

Crap. You just reminded me to go pay my insurance. Thanks. I think.

DogsDontPurr said...

When you're finished up there, could you come over and start on my bills??

Christie Critters said...

I'm stuck in something that keeps me whirling around also...bills? Only when the Bearded One says, "Did you pay bills this week?", Dishes? Only when there are no clean ones in the cupboard, Finished Projects? Where's the pleasure in that?
Good Luck, Roses.

Shanna said...

I so understand the half done projects. Thanks to the rain last Saturday I did get a bunch of those completed. I wish I would have had them on my to do list so I could have the satisfaction of crossing them off. Oh well, at least the pile of half finished sewing projects went down past the top of the windows in the dining room now. ;) Miss your posts hope you are getting lots done and can come back to entertain us soon. Because that is your real job, just in case you forgot. ;)

Cellar Door said...

You had a good reason!