Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"You might like..."

When book pushers libraries and on-line book outlets show me "If you like (fill in the blank), you might like...", they are never right.  I never like that other book.

If you like Harry Potter, you might like this other book with dragons in it.
Uh, no.  Actually, I dislike fantasy as a whole.  However, JK Rowling writes pretty.  Go away.

If you like Hunger Games, you might like this other book with teenagers, the apocalypse, and gory death scenes.
Nuh uh.  That's not what I liked about the Hunger Games.  I liked the game part of it and wondering who would win and how.  Does your apocalyptic tome have intrigue or just spectacular slayings?  Go away.



Dani said...

They don't do so bad with books for me (meaning I like mysteries so they recomend mysteries, doesn't mean I'll like these specific ones).

For me it's music "You like Linkin Park so you might also like Boyonce". Ummmmm those aren't even sorta close to the same thing other than coming out in the same year they have nothing in common.

My favorite was "You like Appetite for Destruction so you might also like these Danish Christmas chants."

Bou said...

I don't know. I've never tried one of their recommendations! Hunh.

brandi said...

Unless it is something from the same author, I usually pass. They are usually way way off.
ps. this from someone who minored in library science....go figure.

Andy said...

I am SO PATHETIC that I've gotten hooked on blog posts.

There was a time when I was a voracious reader. Heh...what does "voracious" mean anyway? Surprised I remembered that word...not sure what it means.

Anyway, I was once a reader of books. Consumed two or three a week. It's probably been 10 years since I actually read a dead tree novel. I suck.

I've got three novels that blog friends have written, and sent to me (the dead tree type books) on my nightstand.

I've been swearing that I'm going to read them for months now.

I see the "you might also like" deal that you're talking about...but at the bottom of blogs, promoting other posts by the same blogger.

The times, they are a'changing.

Imma go read those 3 books. (If my page turning fingers remember how to do it with no mouse to click).

Harvey said...

Book recommedations from Amazon - crap.

Music rec's from Pandora - accurate after training.

Movie rec's from Netflix - ditto.

To be fair, I haven't put in the 400 reviews on Amazon that I did with Netflix.

Zelmarific said...

With me, it's music. When they recommend music because I liked something else, it's always wrong.