Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Coyote Ugly

The Husband often calls the boys together when he has something to teach them... such as how to fix an appliance, sew on a button, or prepare food.  (I don't cook or sew.  Apparently, I got married so I wouldn't be naked or hungry.)
Usually one of these events is preceded with a loud call of, "BOYS!  COME HERE FOR A MINUTE!"
They come running, listen and watch attentively, and leave when dismissed.

Elder Son is especially attentive because he is closing in on his college years and (hopefully) moving out on his own.

Over the weekend, The Husband prepared to roast a large turkey.  I was busy reading blogs doing research on the computer, so he was alone in the kitchen.
"Elder Son," he beckoned gently, "come over here and keep me company."
Once Elder Son arrived, The Husband launched into teaching mode explaining what he was doing with the turkey.
"Hey," I interrupted, "this is sounding like a life lesson more than 'keeping you company'."
"It's okay," Elder Son assured me.  "I'm already gnawing off my arm."

As much as we all see the value in these lessons, the Ack!Thbbbt! family values humor even more.
(I think you know this about us by now.)


Moogie P said...


Christie Critters said...

Ah, yes. Lessons. Stubble's favorite lesson to date was the "plumbing" lesson during which a slop sink was installed in the garage..
the "fun" part involved using a torch to solder pipes together..under the house...using FLAME!!!! under the house...FLAME!!!
Did I mention that there was flame involved?

Andy said...

Heh! Memories...