Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Weather... or not

There's this guy who calls the radio station frequently.
Sometimes he's annoying.  Sometimes he's just lonely.
I think the difference depends on what kind of day *I'm* having.

But, what he calls about is usually the weather.
"What is the temperature right now?"  And when I tell him, he'll say, "Well, I heard it's (some other temperature) at the airport."
"How much snow are we supposed to get?" And then, "The TV station says we're supposed to get (some other prediction)."

It *does* appear as if the sole intent of each one of his calls is to correct me.

So, Wednesday afternoon he calls to ask what time of day it's officially winter.
I tell him it's at 11:30pm.
"(TV meteorologists from a competing station) say we're supposed to get 3-4 inches of snow by morning!"
"That's not what (TV meteorologist who reports to our station) says."
"You know who this is, right?"
"Yeah, it's Fred.  You call me all the time to tell me the weather is wrong."
He laughs at that and then asks, "Well, do you know when the days get longer and the sun starts coming up again?"
"The sun starts coming up tomorrow."
"Sure it does."
"... the days start getting longer..."
"My way is funnier."
"I'm not trying to be funny."
"I am."
"Okay, then.  You have a nice Christmas."
"You, too, Fred."


Rich said...

You're way is *always* funnier.... Just saying... ;)

Richmond said...

BTW - ^^ that Rich was me... lol

Roses said...

Rich/mond: I find it extremely funny (and awfully adorable) that you have to explain that to me. :-)