Monday, December 26, 2011

"We Are Family" - Pointer Sisters

Early Saturday, The Husband was puttering around the kitchen preparing for the next day's Christmas feast while I washed dishes and the boys played computer games at the table.  At some point, Younger Son left his post to give The Husband and me a hug.
"I love our family," he said simply.
"Really?  Why?" The Husband wanted to know.
"Because we like being together.  Not everybody gets along as well as we do."

This is true.
We give him an extra hug.

Later that Christmas Eve after we'd driven around town looking at the colorful Christmas decorations (this year singing "Felis Navidad" at the top of our lungs... then muttering awkwardly during the rest of the Spanish lyrics), the four of us gathered around the livingroom coffee table for board games and snacks.
Younger Son reached around the table for a tag, you're loved and remarked, "It doesn't feel like Christmas.  It feels like a weekend.  You know, because we do family stuff on weekends."

This is true.
A weekend at the Ack!Thbbbt! house is very often celebrated like a holiday.

Having your child recognize this and appreciate how it's not this good in other families?
Like a hundred holidays.

I think we're doing a couple things right after all.


brandi said...

You certainly are doing "a couple things right"!
You guys are wonderful! Crap and all!

G.G. Mueller said...


Mrs. Who said...

Y'all are awesome...and very, very blessed.

Moogie P said...

Pretty darn cool!

DogsDontPurr said...

Love it!

I have never wanted to have kids myself, but ironically, in both of my major relationships in life, both men had kids. Also, I now work for a family, caring for their kids. So for someone who didn't want to have kids, that's a lot of kids!

So, when you express the love for your family on this blog, and share the love that your boys have for you....I know how this is a rare and wonderful thing.

Cheers! Happy holiday times to you and your family!