Monday, December 12, 2011

It's kinda like this...

The question I get the most is, "Are you feeling any better since you changed what you eat?"
Sadly, the answer is, "Not really."

Because I've got more than one issue going on (bum gall bladder, dead thyroid, and an intestine that's just not doing a proper job of things).  Fixing one problem fixes one problem, and the other problems have to catch up.
And they're slow about it.

Imagine you have shoes that are a half a size too small which causes you to wear a hole in one of toes and a sharp edged pebble gets inside.
You take the pebble out, but your shoes are still too small, you still have the hole in one... and now your toe has a cut on it.
You can't get new shoes until the injury from the pebble heals, it simply hurts too much to try on shoes that aren't broken in properly.
Meanwhile you throw some duct tape over the hole in your shoe, and you're very cautious about where you walk so you don't get another pebble again and start the whole process all over again.

"So, do you feel any better since you patched your shoe and stopped walking through construction zones?"
"Not really."
Because my toe is still ripped up... and my shoes are still too small.
The only plus side is I'm not causing more damage right now as long as I'm very careful.

Progress is being made.  I'm just not feeling it.
Kinda like that.
But then again, not really.


Christie Critters said...

I'm so sorry you're not feeling 100%. I know that sometimes the testing and waiting for results seems to go on forever. And then when they have the results; adjusting diet, medication, exercise (what have you) can take another eternity.
Hugs and best wishes for as speedy as possible a resolution coming your way.
Hang in there Roses, it gets better!

Thumper said...

Bummer...I can empathize a little. damned medical merry go round, and you have a fistful of tickets you didn't even want, while people on the sidelines are all "Well? GET BETTER ALREADY!"

DogsDontPurr said...

Thumper nailed it with the "medical merry go round" metaphor. Erf~! It's a drag, I know.

I'm sending all good vibes your way.

Roses said...

BTW, the *second* most asked question is:

Can you eat dairy yet?
When can you have eggs again?

It's like when you're pregnant and you make the mistake of telling people your due date. They'll call you everyday of the last month to ask if you had the baby yet.
It's as annoying as Arewethereyet? Arewethereyet? Arewethereyet?

G.G. Mueller said...

Been there.....I found that pounding my head against a wall was good for a distraction. When I stopped it felt better than I did when I was doing it. ;-0
I also think Jello is the devil's doing. Gall bladders seem to like it though.
I am sitting here, holding your hand as you pound your head. Wish I had more.

Bou said...

I had my gall bladder out, I have a funky intestine thing... and I still can't eat dairy. I do eat it, but... it's not a good thing. Milk and cereal in the morning make me feel really crappy. (Probably not a good choice of words...) Some cheeses I can eat... the harder the cheese the better. Bleu cheese? Kiss of death. I drink lactaid if I have to drink milk.

I suspect, but don't know, that you may never really work well with milk.

Roses said...

Bou, I've heard different things from folks who've had (or know someone who's had) their gall bladder removed. Everything from "Oh, I can eat whatever I want now!" to "You'll never be able to eat fatty foods again!"

I'll bet, like you and me, most people have intestinal problems in addition to the gall bladder thing that have never been identified.
My chiropracter STILL believes my gall bladder can still come around if I continue to tend to my intestine properly.

It's not like I'm doubled over everyday with a gall bladder attack. So... why not limp around with the duct taped shoe for a bit more?