Friday, December 23, 2011


I have a junk mail filter on my Ack!Thbbbt! e-mail address.
If you're not in my address book, your note will automatically go to the junk folder.... which I check and empty on a daily basis.

I mention this because I think I might have deleted a couple legitimate e-mails thinking they were spam.

If you've ever e-mailed me and I haven't responded, it's because your note ended up in my junk folder and I didn't recognize your name.  :-(
If you've ever e-mailed me and I haven't responded, please try again.

Good rule of thumb when e-mailing someone for the first time, make sure what you type in the subject line is unique to the person you're addressing.
For instance, if you type AckThbbbt (or anything close to it), that'll get my attention.
If you type En*larged*Man*hood, uh, it's gone.

Just sayin'...


brandi said...

We'll remember not to mention En*larged* Man*hood---well, this IS an all female household, anyway. HMMM. No, I'll leave that one alone.

Dani said...

I think I can safely promise to never put En*larged*Man*hood in the subject line of any email I ever send to any one.

Roses said...

You guys...