Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Punch Cards

One of the local ice cream shops hands out reward cards.  Everytime you buy an ice cream cone, you get your reward card punched.  Buy ten ice cream cones, and your next one is free.

While cleaning out a drawer over the weekend, The Husband and I found a couple of these punch cards.  Each one had a couple punches on them.
"Should we keep these?" The Husband wondered.  "We obviously keep forgetting to take them along when we go."
"Let's give them to the boys," I suggested.  "Now that they're mobile, maybe they'll wanna take their friends over there and they can get 'em punched."


"Get the cards punched, not their friends."


The Gray Monk said...

A Freudian slip perchance?

Christie Critters said...

Gosh. We've got cards like that all over the place...if we could only remember that we have them when we need them, and remember where they are if we remember that we have them...
I think we're getting old!