Wednesday, November 09, 2011

"Please hold..."

The man at the front desk where I work has many duties.
Everyone for both the radio station and the newspaper come through his door.
He greets guests, clients, and subscribers.  Happy people picking up prizes, confused people wanting to place an ad, and angry people who ran over their paper in the driveway with their snow blower and want the 14-year-old paper boy fired.

The man at the front desk has one of those headsets that allows him to talk to people on the phone hands-free.  Very often when I walk in, I can't tell if he's greeting me or someone in his head.

I walked in just as he was finishing one of those calls.
"Y'know," I mused aloud, "since you can see who's coming in before they get to your desk, you could pretend to be talking on your headset and make them wait as long as you wanted or totally ignore them, couldn't you?"
"It's funny you should say that," he replied.  But before he could finish the thought, he gestured to his ear and said to me, "Hang on a second." 
I nodded and walked on as he said hello to thin air and the invisible person in his head.

I heard him cackle as I hit the stairs.
I glanced over my shoulder.  He was holding one earphone away from his ear and shaking his head.
There hadn't been an in-coming call.  He had faked me out.
Just like I suggested he could.



las794 said...

LOL--you asked for that one!

Roses said...

Yes, I did. :-)