Wednesday, November 23, 2011

exhausting dreams

Have you ever dreamed you woke up late, and you're rushing around trying to get to work... and then in real life your alarm goes off at the regular time, but you're not at all rested because your dream was so exhausting?

The Husband and the boys have all dreamt at least once that they've gotten up and walked their entire paper route, only to have the alarm go off... and they have to get up and walk the whole route again.

I experienced a new version of this.
I dreamed I was laying awake in bed trying to fall to sleep.

That one really sucked.


Dani said...

That is the worst. I've had those both the rushing 'cause you're late only yo have the alarm go off and the can't sleep only yo discover you we're asleep.

I've also had one where my car was stollen and I was running aroung trying to find it. I was exausted when I woke up but happy my car was still around.

DogsDontPurr said...

Have you also noticed that the bed never feels as cozy as on days when you have to set an alarm? And if you press the snooze button, the bed gets even cozier?

On days when you can sleep in, you hardly notice it...but set that alarm....


diamond dave said...

How bout the dreams that are so lucid, seem so real, that you spend the better part of the day wondering if it really wasn't a dream?

Oblivious Beast said...

Or the dream where you're dreaming in the dream trying to figure out if your dreaming. Seriously, it's so confusing.