Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sweet dreams, son.

One last question from Younger Son as I said good night...

He:  Mother, which side will you be on in the zombie apocalypse?  Human or zombie?
Me:  I dunno.  We'll see how fast I can run.


Christie Critters said...

The Zombies. Because, the older I get, the more I identify with them...and because it will cause him frustration!

Roses said...

Christie: We watched a couple classic zombie movies, and the boys were horrified that in each movie, the moms eventually turned zombie.
"Why the mom? Why is it always the mom?!?"

I think he's hoping I won't be a cliche more than he hopes I won't be a zombie. :-)

Moogie P said...

Good answer, Mom.

Oblivious Beast said...

I've given it serious thought. I know I'll be a zombie because I already shuffle like one in the mornings.

Roses said...

"Every day I'm shuffling..."

Miss Em said...

Zombie. . . Schuffle walk with the "oh S___t" sounds being made because the feet ache to the point that I don't want to step on them.

Now you know that I can't run fast enough you won't have to hurry with the ax to take a whack at the head.

Oh fun...it's Halloween !!!!

Roses said...

*update 8/9/12*

I have just been informed that the horror is not from the moms turning zombie. It's because the sons usually have to "off" Mom at some point.
... probably gun point.