Monday, October 10, 2011


"Roses, do you have any Tylenol or Advil?" my fellow castmate asked.
"I have a couple aspirin."
"That would work."

Normally, I wouldn't have any, but The Husband had just happened to toss a couple aspirin in a tiny Tupperware container for me to carry to work last week.  I never used them, but I also never took them out of my bag.

"You're gonna have to trust me that they're aspirin," I informed the gal as I spilled them into her hand, "because they're no longer in their original packaging."
"What's that line about never taking candy from a stranger?"
"Yeah.  That's candy.  You can take drugs from anyone."

She squinted at the two pills.
"Well, look!  It has 'Aspirin' etched right into it!"
"Sure.  But you never know what I've been doing sitting backstage waiting for my cues."
"You spend your time scratching words in medication?"
"You never know."


Thumper said...

So now you totally have to scratch LSD into a bottle full of aspirin, and hope she needs some again...

Roses said...


Bou said...

OK. Favorite line of the day, "Yeah. That's Candy. You can take drugs from anyone." Bwhwhahaha!