Monday, September 12, 2011

We *do* reward the funny in our house. We do.

I don't remember my question, but Elder Son answered it with a stern and immediate "No."
And then he added, "With a side of Oh, Hell..."

After I stopped laughing, I told him, "If that hadn't been so funny, I'd be yelling at you now for using such language."
"I know."


diamond dave said...

Sometimes you have to delay your laughter in front of your kids lest they think you're okay with whatever they did. I've actually had to bury my head under a pillow a few times.

Mrs. Who said...

Oh,'ve let him get away with it you're in for an avalanche of funny!

Roses said...

Mrs. Who: Oh no! And you know how much I hate the funny!


It was funny because this is the kid who cusses by saying things like "What the helicopter?" or "What the Hello Kitty!" and "Holy frick!" and "mother trucker!"

So, for him to actually say Hell without the icopter or oKitty startled the laugh out of me.

We understand his language may be different around his buddies, and we've told him that's okay.
But we've also made it clear that such language is not okay in front of certain people... like his grandmother, or someone who might hire him.
And I've told both boys I don't appreciate bad language, so neither boy cusses or swears at home... at least when their parents are there. ;-)

Christie Critters said...

Ah, Roses, I fondly remember the day that a "Damn" popped out of Stubble's mouth in front of me. He was (properly) horrified and I had to point out to him, that when you drop an entire can of coke on your foot and it bursts open spraying the whole kitchen, at his age (about 11) sometimes "Gosh darn it" just doesn't fit the situation anymore. That was followed by a discussion about who it was safe to swear in front of (his Dad and Me - within reason) but NEVER Grandma, Pastor, or Teachers.

He very rarely uses such "language" to this day nearly 9 years later.