Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Everyone in our family is rather grouchy when tired.
Today is Younger Son's turn.

Let's see, what all went wrong in his world today?
His alarm clock didn't go off, and I woke him up at the wrong time... and in the wrong way.
He didn't want orange juice... "How come we always have to have orange juice?"
As I was directing bathroom traffic to avoid pile-ups, I barked at him to do something he was just about to do anyway.

Do you see the common denominator?
It's me.

Any moms who can relate?

Eventually, as he emerged from his shower with minutes left before he needed to leave the house, it came down to this:

"Son, what can I do to help you that won't cause you to shout at me again?"

He got the hint.
And I got a hug before he left.  :-)


Oblivious Beast said...

Saying yes on being able to relate. I think you handled the situation more patiently than I have.

Anonymous said...

What does he want, tomato juice?

Christie Critters said...

Oh, I can CERTAINLY relate...for YEARS I could relate. I still can on occasion.

"I am the mother. It is all my fault." - Repeat as necessary.

Roses, It DOES get better. Really.

Moogie P said...

Whew. Have I ever been in that spot. Nice save.

Jilly said...

Daily scene in our household. Youngest was arguing with me last night about how he wouldn't argue with me in the morning. We both chuckled at the irony...... And I got a hug too.


Bou said...

*raising my hand* I get it!

I like how you handled that.