Thursday, July 14, 2011

Taking a crack at it

My chiropractor practices kinesiology.
He was running through the emotions that might be throwing off my balance when he got a hit on contemplation.

"Contemplation?" I exclaimed.  "Who'd have thought?"

(Tomorrow should have been Lily's birthday.  Tomorrow's post will be sad.  Contemplation, indeed.)


Bou said...

People can say what they want about chiropractors, but my guy got me through my marathon. I swear I'd not have made it without him. He's had some kinesiology training amongst other things and I think what some of these guys do is amazing. When I found him I was literally limping during my training. Two months later I finished a marathon. Of course I couldn't walk for a week after... but I finished!

Bou said...

BTW, hijacking your thread here... I think I'm going shorter with my hair. I think I may be following your footsteps. Hmm...

Last time my husband looked over my shoulder when I was at your site he mentioned we look the same from the back. But i know you've gone shorter and today during my 9 hour drive back home, I thought I might do the same. You're inspiring!

Andy said...

Yeah, Roses...I know what you mean.

I always get a little off balance just before September 8, September 30, and November 31st (okay, I KNOW there is not a November 31st...but that was my grandma's birth date on her birth's a long story).

Go ahead on and be sad. It's cool with us. I'm pretty sure we've all been that way.

The good thing is that we've got the really bitchin' dates in our heads, too! Like April 7, September 8 (I know that might seem like a contradiction, but not only was it my beloved Granddaddy's birthday, it is also my eldest son's), February 29, December 29, and June 3.

Don't worry about posting something "sad." It's cool.

Roses said...

Bou: I heard on the radio today that people with very short hair are perceived as creative, non-conformists. Wear it well, sista!

Andy: Can I tell you? I was highly offended that the nutjob who predicted the apocolypse this past May picked the one year anniversary of my mom's death. Jerk.