Friday, June 10, 2011

Making it

Since I've known him, The Husband has always said that if he was ever out of work, he'd get a job as a short-order cook.  It wouldn't pay much, but, he reasoned, it'd be fairly quick and easy employment to get.

So, while we ate lunch this weekend at the local mom and pop restaurant, The Husband watched the kitchen staff.  I knew he was calculating how many hours he'd have to work at minimum wage to pay the mortgage.

When he noticed me watching him, he confessed, "I was just wondering what a cook would make in a place like this."
I answered, "Oh, probably breakfast.  Lunch.  Maybe dinner."


Thumper said...


Tell him that if he ever wants that job, he'll probably have to work his way up from busboy. Srsly.

vw bug said...

Loved your answer... ;-)

Lemon Stand said...

Heh! :)

nnmlknw said...

Ha! Good one.

Andy said...

Roses, I wish I could have read all of your post, "Unimportant." It might have given me some insight into the "short order cook" thinking.

But, your blog is only set up to give the first few lines of a post in a feed reader. So, I only caught the genesis of your thinking.

Not to be too deep, or curious here...but I think the two probably have something to do with the other.

All that aside...Nyuk!

Like on the old Family Feud program...GOOD ANSWER! GOOD ANSWER! GOOD ANSWER! (Jumping up and down, and clapping).


Roses said...

Andy: I wrote that post out of frustration. I could write a similar post most every day of the work week, but I don't. Once I calmed down, I deleted it.

Btw, I'm still employed, darn it.

Andy said...

Btw, I'm still employed, darn it.