Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hair Stylists - please explain

How come, when I tell my hair stylist, "I want a style that I don't have to fuss with.  If you need to use a blow dryer, I won't like it," she still brings out the blow dryer?

Why is that?

Since January, I've had two women do this to me. 
I'd wanted a new style.  I put my head in their hands.
"Please, I just want to towel-dry my hair, run some gel through it, and walk out the door.  If you have to blow dry it, I won't like it."

I really liked the first stylist.  She was fun, and she laughed at my jokes.
But she brought out the dryer, and I was never coming back.

The second lady at least acknowledged that I'd asked not to be blown.
(Go ahead and snicker, Andy.)
"I'm sorry," she said, "I've just gotta..."
When I got home, I slapped a hand full of water on my head, de-fluffed my hair, and was content with the results.  So, I could forgive her.  She gave me a style that would work the way I wanted.
My hair would have never looked good un-blown the way the first stylist had cut it.  Ever.

I'm not the only person I know that stylists have done this to.
A co-worker has also requested a "no blow" style, yet, the gal pulls out the dryer.
Has this happened to you?

Now, I understand how a hair salon might frown on sending a client out the door with wet hair.
But, c'mon...
"If you have to blow dry it, I won't like it." is pretty frickin' clear.

Perhaps, the hair stylists don't like me.
And this is their way to get me to stop coming back.



Ardra said...

My sister says the same thing every time - this last visit she should have said No Clippers as well.
Guess the girl thought that if she shaved it all off then my sister would not need a blow dryer!!

Andy said...


Well, you told me to.

Christie Critters said...

Things like this are why I stopped going to stylists years ago..."I just want a little trim." 3 inches later by hair is a mess that won't look good for another several months!
My husband has cut my hair for the last 30 years. He couldn't cut anybody else's, but with mine, he is great.
All I need is a blunt cut - when I wear it LONG it works well, when I have it short for the pool all I need to do is to towel dry, spray with "wave spray", scrunch with my fingers and I'm good to go all day with nice "wet look" curls.
If I asked for no blow dry and they gave me one, I would be out of that chair so fast.....

Moogie P said...

Years ago, I went with the short curls and no drying, but I'm not comfortable with that look for me now. I guess I'm just a blown kinda gal.

I hear you snickering again, Andy.

Andy said...

Dang, I snicker loud.

DogsDontPurr said...

There are places here in L.A. that only do "blow outs." They don't even offer hair cuts...they just wash and blow dry/style your hair. Oddly, these shops are very popular.

I've been cutting my own hair for years now. I just whittle away at it until it looks the way I want. I've pretty much got it down.

A few years back, I decided to dip my toe into the salon world again. I went to this famous woman in town known for doing amazing transformations. I told her to do anything she wanted. She was so excited, so animated. She brought over other stylists to watch the magic she was performing on me.

A $150 later, I walked out looking EXACTLY the way I always do when I cut my own hair!

Needless to say, I went back to cutting my own hair.

Bou said...

My salon asks, "Do you want a blow dry?" and if you say no, you don't get it, because it costs MORE to do it. So they already have you in the books paying less. No way will people do more than they're being paid for.

I've never walked out with blown dry hair when it's on the books as a no. I alternate. If I'm going back to work, I'll ask them to blow it out. (It's down the street from where I work and I go at lunch sometimes.) If I'm not, I ask not.

Anonymous said...

Next time, get a mullet! :)

Arwen said...

they always do that to me, too. I hate it!

Teresa said...

I found out when I moved out here to the east coast, they do cut and blowdry separately. I had no idea this was the case. I believe in the midwest it's all lumped together as I was never asked at any salon ever if I wanted my hair dried. I made the supreme mistake of not booking a blowdry in the middle of winter (I had just moved out here). I actually changed salons because the first place didn't even ask me the first time I was just lucky the stylist had time to dry my hair. The second time they screwed me over when I had to move an appointment they moved only the color/cut not the blowdry. I ended up walking out into 10 degree weather with a wet head. (wankers)

Maybe when you call for your appointment you say - I want a cut only NO BLOW DRY - period. But it does sound like you found someone who can give you a simple cut that looks good with no fuss. Yay! Stick with her.