Thursday, June 23, 2011

False identity

The e-mail from the Human Resources office said an amount of money had been found in the lobby.  We were instructed to identify it, and claim it from the cashier's desk.

So, I asked the cashier, "Was it a roll of 20s wrapped in a red rubber band?"
"How about a wrinkled 50 with a torn corner?"
"Roll of quarters?"

They didn't say how many times I could identify the money...

And, if a roll of 20s ever shows up, I'm golden!


DearHelenHartman said...

They asked for it. You were just trying to be cooperative. Was it three twenties, four fives and a poker chip with an IOU written on it?

Andy said...

A guy walks in to a restaurant and loudly asks, "Did anybody lose five one hundred dollar bills with a rubber band wrapped around them in the parking lot?"

A man stands up and says, "Well, yes I did."

The other man replies, "Well, I found your rubber band!"