Thursday, June 02, 2011

Dude, Where's My Burrito?

Dear Taco Bell;

I don't really care why you decided to keep my burrito when I came to your store and ordered a total of four items.  Your corporation probably needs the 99 cents more than I do.  I'm sure that's why the burrito didn't make it into the bag because, really, who forgets to pack a full quarter of an order? 
Then again, 75% is still a passing grade, right?

Again, I don't care about the why's, and I don't care about the dollar plus tax.

But, that burrito was supposed to be my lunch.
After the bag had been carried back to the office, and everyone's portions had been distributed, there was no food left for me.  And there was no time to drive all the way back and complain.

I'm hungry.
I now refer you back to Thursday evening's post.

Thanks, literally, for nothing.



Christie Critters said...

Oh MY! The world really has it in for you right now. Motorcycles, Taco Bell...
Seriously, I really don't understand why they have you check that your order is correct on the little screen at the drive through (they want to be sure to get all of their money..) but they don't check the bag to make sure everything is inside.
Happens to us all the time to the point where we now obstruct the line until we have checked the bag. It makes them SOOOO crazy that we aren't moving along right away.

Roses said...

Word, Christie.
You make them wait.