Sunday, June 19, 2011

And the winner is...

State : Texas
City : Irving
Time of Visit Jun 18 2011 9:08:19 pm
Visit Length 0 seconds
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Visitor's Time Jun 18 2011 9:08:19 pm
Visit Number 60,000

Congratulations, environmentally-friendly Irving, Texas!
You stopped by Saturday evening (right about the time I was injuring myself trying to do The Twist at my nephew's wedding reception) to view the Plarn Bag... and you were visitor number 60,000!
You stayed exactly zero seconds and had no idea your click was a milestone.

Andy is SO gonna hate you.

If you are a regular visitor, please drop a note and take a bow!


Andy said...


I just knowed it was ME. And, I KNOW Irving, Texas well, as a former Dallas Cowboy fan.

Been there many times at the old Cowboys Stadium.


A Plarn Bag? Seriously...a "Plarn Bag inquisitor" won the honor of #60,000? Really?


Life just ain't fair.


Roses said...

Someone just before the winner came over from the HouseofZathrus blog, and someone just after came from OneHappyDog.

Bou said...

I came in from OHD. I haven't updated my blogroll in 3 years, so I use VWs blogroll a lot. So that was me. Dang, and it said 60K when I scrolled down!

Biggest disappointment is I wanted it to be Andy. He wants a chicken hat...

Andy said...

HA! I do NOT so hate the winner.

I do not.

I do not.


Hatred is a strong emotion that I do my best to divorce myself from. It's from the devil, so I steer clear of it.

But, I allow myself ENVY. Envy is not so pitiful, even though it is still sinful.

I love me some House of Zathras...she's a school Marm living the miserable teacher life. And, I'll confess that I do not know the work of a Happy Dog. But, I know that most all dogs are happy, so I imagine it's a pretty good blog, too.

What was I saying? Oh yeah, I do not SO hate this him/her/whatever from Irving, Texas. Hatred is a tough thing to muster up. I mean, I have been in Irving many, many times at Dallas Cowboys Football games. And, I've always been treated with good I can't hate anybody from Irving.

Even though y'all did demolish the stadium, and move it down to Arlington, I still can't HATE you.

I have a feeling that if you were searching for "plarn bags," you had NOTHING to do with moving the stadium. So, I don't SO hate you.

I mean it.

Anonymous said...

zero seconds?

Roses said...

Yeah, zero seconds.
I don't understand how that works, but most of the hits to this blog are zero seconds long.

Go figure...

Roses said...

BTW, I'm not doing another milestone countdown until 100,000.
It's too stressful.
And even though I have my stats counter set to NOT notice my own views, it still does. And I'm afraid I'll end up being my own milestone visit.
Then Andy would totally hate me... no matter what he says. ;-)

(FYI: If all remains the same, 100,000 should hit in about two years. I'm just sayin'...)

Bou said...

Actually, it was fun, Roses. We were funnin'. We may just start keeping track of the next milestone ourselves!

Andy said...

Well heck yeah, Bou! If Roses is not up to the task, we shall do the heavy lifting for her!


Roses, I once had a blogger extraordinaire explain to me the ZERO seconds visit thingy. I can't remember all of it, but some of it has to do with people that visit due to Google image searches, and never actually hit the header.

Then there was something about folks that hit through feed readers (like yours truly) that can stay quite a long time, but possibly show up as ZERO seconds.

Then, there was something else that I can't remember exactly.

Glad I could help!

And, believe me or not, I would not hate you.


Bou said...


I think the next milestone should be 75K. It's a nice roundy kind o' number!

Unless we make it... 60,100. Bwhahahaha!

Mrs. Who said...

Durn it!!!! My daughter didn't sign out of her account and my comment showed as hers. That does it. I'm having no luck here...I'm taking my monk-made bourbon fudge and going home, no matter what the comment goal is!!!!

nnmlknw said...

Monk made FUDGE?! FUDGE! You have fudge...

That _might_ make up for not being 60,000.

Found you via Thumper's blog roll. A much used resource for me. Some amusing blogs there. So if you all wonder why the hell I'm showing up, it's Thumper's fault.

Moogie P said...

Woo hoo!! Confetti and champagne corks popping and stuff!!!!!

(I'd watch my back around Andy. Just saying'.) ;-)

Andy said...

Moogie gives good advice.

Roses said...

Don't worry about Andy sneaking up on anyone. I'm gonna make him stand out in a crowd with an obnoxious-looking hat... one of these days. ;-)

We'll all see him coming.

Andy said...