Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tulips + Two Lips = Too Lippy

Grab your notepads and pencils, kids!  It's time to analyze another dream!

I dreamed I was a classroom assistant for Kindergarten.

The male teacher was telling the children how we all were going to dig up some landscaping for the school.  The flower bed had tulips in it, and the school didn't want any tulips.  "We're going to dig it up and turn over the dirt," the teacher explained.

I held up my arm like a waitress carrying a tray.  With my hand in the shape of a cup, I remarked, "So, instead of the tulips growing like this..." and I dropped my arm at the elbow, "... the tulips will grow like this."
I found it amusing since we were going to turn over the dirt, you see.

The teacher continued to address his students.
"I used to get very angry with people who made fun of things I say, but I don't anymore."
As I blinked at this information, another mother assistant in the class (who reminded me very much of New Christine from the New Adventures of Old Christine) leaned forward and whispered, "That's inappropriate."

"Okay.  Fine.  I will leave."
And I did.

I found a couple of girls sitting in the hallway, so I sat to talk with them.
One little girl told me how upset her mother was because she had gotten a B on her report card instead of all A's.
"You're in Kindergarten," I protested.
The other little girl leaned forward and whispered to me, "That's inappropriate."

That's when I decided to leave the school altogether, but when I tried to walk to the door, the hallway was crowded with children who were all trying to leave.


I think it's fair to tell you there have been some issues at work.
I performed a secret experiment to measure just how little sh!t management gives about me and the show that I host.  The experiment was successful.  No one noticed that I played 5 solid minutes of PSAs in leiu of the missing sportscasts that were never produced.  No one.
But, to point this out to my boss at this point would be... pointless.  He has issues of his own going on right now.

For myself, I find this dream refreshing in that I actually left situations in which I was not appreciated.
Very often in real life, I do not.


Deb said...

For myself, I find this dream refreshing in that I actually left situations in which I was not appreciated.
Very often in real life, I do not.
I'm with you there. Just recently left a situation where I was not only underappreciated, but also verbally bullied. Who needs that?

nnmlknw said...

I think you answered most of the dream analysis for yourself in that last bit. However, thinking of the male teacher and your demonstration, you find the under appreciation emasculating. When I looked emasculate up to make sure I was using it correctly, because sometimes I get a little silly, this was part of the definition:

BOTANY remove the anthers from a flower.

I had no idea that could be used like that in gardening terms. Dreams are funny things, aren't they?

DearHelenHartman said...

If it weren't for saying things inappropriate the only exercise my vocal chords would get all day would be asking for ice to nurse my bitten tongue! Appropriate is over rated. Keep dreaming... and busting out of those bad situations! No running here, becoming your newest follower. Come say hello at and please, feel free to say something inappropriate!

Thumper said...

I find it interesting that in your dream the school wants to get rid of tulips...which in cruder circles is slang for women.

So basically, you walked out of a misogynistic arena, because *it* was inappropriate.

There's a message there somewhere...

Roses said...

Geez, I had no idea there was so much symbolism in that dream. I feel so naked now for having shared this.
(No, I don't.)

DearHelenHartman: I took a looksee, and can I tell you? You're so funny, I'd stop by every day just to read your profile again.
Thank you for visiting!

Bou said...

Wow. Your dreams are so deep! Mine are so shallow, things like, "I dreamt my father in law came back to life and I was pissed". Wow. There's a tough read for you... ;-)

Lemon Stand said...

What does it mean when you can't remember any of your dreams? I just see a dark vacuum if I try to remember if I dreamed at all? I wonder... if I tried to dream of light bulbs, I would remember seeing a dream?