Tuesday, May 03, 2011

"There's no place like home." ~Dorothy

I know Elder Son does not enjoy shopping.
So naturally, when he and I are commuting somewhere, I will ask him questions such as "Do you wanna stop off at the yarn shop before we go home?" and "Do you need anything from the hardware store?" or "Are you sure you don't need a toothbrush before we get home?"
These questions are answered with a teenage-mumbled, "No."

Today was no different.

After I remarked that the dollar store was conveniently on the way home and suggested that he might like to stop there, Elder Son exploded, "Why do you keep asking me to do stuff?!?"
Blinking back fake Momma tears, I replied, "Because I just want to spend more time with you!"
"Why can't you do it at HOME?"

(We both laughed, then he touched me on the shoulder and said, "I love you.")


Moogie P said...

He's such a teenage boy. A cute, funny teenage boy, but a teenage boy nonetheless!

nnmlknw said...

Preaching to the choir.

"You complain I don't get out enough then when I do you want me home!?"

Erg...uh.. yeah?