Saturday, May 07, 2011

Maybe the answer is 42 *updated*

Hey, if the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association has 21 award catagories for radio stations in the state, and your radio station has 23 nominations, that's good, right?

Hoping something I wrote gets a first prize tonight.
I'll let you know...

Updated to add:

I got second place for my entry.
I'm pretty okay with that.

Our station took home first place awards in more than half the catagories for which we were nominated.
I hope the other tables around us didn't think we were too obnoxious about it.  ;-)


Andy said...

Good luck, Roses.

Dani said...

That's awesome. Keeping my fingers crossed for ya.

G.G. Mueller said...

Oh, I hope you were REALLY obnoxious. Congrats!