Thursday, April 07, 2011

Yarn. Of course, I'm thinking about the yarn.

I finished this afghan last night.  Yay!
Now, I need to decide what to do with it, in whose caring hands to leave it.

More importantly, I finished it in time to restock at the community fabric and yarn sale!

Ten dollars later, I have two grocery bags of YARN!

Happy girl!
Happy girl!
I am such a happy girl!


G.G. Mueller said...

You are amazing.

Dani said...

You should attach a tag with a short version of the provenance. Everyone who owns it will appreciate the story.

Also I fully believe it will get back to the family. Look at that dollar I found (if you remember that story).Fate has a way of steping in.

Roses said...

You really think so, Dani?

I like the idea of leaving a note with the blanket, and you're not the only person to suggest this.
But, I wonder if anyone really wants to know they have a dead woman's afghan.

I dunno.
I just dunno.

Dani said...

Lol well there are nicer ways of putting it. For example you can say you inherited it or rescued it or it found you and asked to be completed.

Yes there are people who would be put off by it but they are clearly not the proper owners.

Roses said...

You're right, of course, Dani.
I would write the note from the point of view of the blanket.

"I'm so glad you found me! You won't believe what happened while I was waiting for you."-kind-of-thing.

BTW, I went back to the yarn sale after work and spent another $5. Filled another grocery bag.

Even more happy girl!
Happy, happy, happy!