Thursday, April 14, 2011


Remember how awful the "shag" hair style looked when you were a teenager in the '70s?

It doesn't look any better when you're 40-ager in the '10s.

Oh well.
At least it'll grow out.


Andy said...

Yep! You know what they say...

What's the difference in a good haircut, and a bad haircut?

About a month.

Dani said...

I had a shag which I hated but I was still young enough my Mom was deciding on my haircuts.

The nice thing about hair is "It will grow out". So some experiments don't work out but it's still fun to try something different.

Richmond said...

So you don't like it?? :/

Bou said...

Does everyone not like it, or just you?

BTW, my husband was reading over my shoulder the other night and he said, "Why does Roses have a picture of the back of your head on her blog?"

That would evidently be Roses... PRE-shag. :)

Roses said...

You know how you go to a new restaurant and ask the waitress what's good? She gives you a couple options. Then you ask which one she likes best. You say, "That sounds good. I'll take that." But, when it gets to your table, it's not exactly what you expected.

That's my hair.
It's exactly what my hair stylist and I discussed. It's exactly what I asked for. But, it's not quite what I expected.

However, I'm beginning to like it alot. Mostly because, even though it looks drastically different to me and The Husband (who've not seen it this short in 20 years), no one else has looked at me and said, "OMG! What did you do!" It seems no one has noticed. I take that as people thinking it looks like it's always been this way.