Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Facebook Status

So, I've got this love/hate relationship with Facebook.
I love how easy it is to touch base with my friends.
But, I hate how they throw up odd little status updates that are so cryptic it takes several follow-up comments the length of a regular e-mail to explain it.

And a new slogan for Facebook popped into my head:

"Facebook:  Because not all my thoughts are complete ones."

Now you do one.


Dani said...

Facebook: Posting the minutiae of you day will make your life seem more exciting.

Moogie P said...

Can't top that!

Andy said...

Ah, The of my favorite things upon which to ponder in my pondering time. If the Mayans are wrong, and the earth rocks on along past next year, in about 20 years there will be volumes of psychological theses written on the impact that The Facebook has had culturally, commercially, politically, spiritually, and a bunch of other ways. (That sentence was too long to really be a sentence. But, it's late).

As to your new The Facebook slogan...well...yeah, what Moogie said. But, I thought of a few.

Facebook: Because I am WAY better looking than I was in High School.

Facebook: Because my husband blogs, and I need a way to get back at him.

Facebook: Because I'm lonely enough to use it.

Facebook: Because all of my insane relatives talked me in to it.

Facebook: Because I'm tired of being left out of the "Farmville" discussion at work.

Okay...those all suck.

Roses, I have GOT to getting around to doing my monster post about my experience using both my real, and pseudo identities on The Facebook. It really has been fascinating. I've been meaning to for about 6 months, but just can't seem to pull it all together.

Probably because I drink too much.


Roses said...

Dani: True! It's true!

Andy: It's not the drinking that's holding you back. It's the amount of time you're spending... on The Facebook!

Andy said...


nnmlknw said...

Facebook: Because Mark Zuckerberg really, really likes me. Doesn't he? Oh.

Facebook: Because you really like me. What? oh.

Facebook: Thinking aloud since 2004

Facebook: Time Wasters Not So Anonymous

Facebook: We're there to record your bad memories and out of control partying for when you have kids.

Roses said...

Facebook: Thinking aloud since 2004


Harvey said...

Facebook: something else to regret after a night of hard drinking.