Monday, April 25, 2011

Eye'll get you, my pretty!

After a trip to the optometrist, it is obvious I am in need of reading glasses.  No surprise with all the crocheting I do.  I can read a street sign half a block away better than a DVD jacket right in front of me.

The Husband immediately stepped into action... and the "old" jokes commenced.

Don't worry.  I can hold my own.
Today, when he kissed me good morning, I told him, "Hey, the closer you get, the better you look."


Andy said...

It happened to me overnight. I am the ONLY one of my siblings that has not worn glasses most of our lives. Mom & Dad have always worn them, too.

On my 48th birthday. Seriously. On. The. Day. I woke up, and could not read. I was fine the day before. Sigh...

Minor inconvenience, and I'll bet you'll look smashing in them. The Mr. will be all over it.

Roses said...

Andy: I've been squinting and holding things at arm's length for some time. But, I'd been pretty functional despite it, so we didn't do anything about it for a long time.

As for "The Mr."... He keeps forgetting I have glasses and walks into the livingroom wondering who the old lady is.

Dani said...

He's just jealous of your new accesory options. I got glasses for the first time at 33. I refuse to think that's old.

I have the oposite vision issue. I can actually see fine. My vision is 20/20 but it used to be better. I can't see AS far as I used to so I get headaches. The eye Dr. said I don't have to wear the glasses all the time but I do 'cause I think they're sexy.

I betcha you're sexy too (with or without glasses).

Bou said...

I've been waiting for the far sighted thing to come. I know it's coming. I'm 45 and I'm overdue. My Dad was like Andy, except it was 40. It was his 40th birthday, THE day, and *POOF*, he was farsighted.

I thought it was last week. I lost the bullseye vision in my eyes and was having to turn my head to see everything peripherally. I thought, 'It's here...', but then the auras kicked in and I realized it was a migraine.

But I know it's coming... ;-)