Thursday, April 28, 2011


After watching Reign of Fire on DVD earlier this week (where we learned that dragons can see well during the day, better at night, and poorly in the failing light), Elder Son was contemplating a dragon's ability to see in the dark near a city lit with street lights.

"It's dark, so they should be able to see great up high," he argued, "and it's lit up down on the ground, so they'd do okay there.  But in between, the lights are pretty dim..."
The Husband responded, "So are people who believe in dragons."


Miss Em said...

Hi Roses,
Tell hubby that I've believed in Dragons for the last 35 of my 62 years and for the last 25 I've run my own business so I can't be that much on the dim side.
Dragons for me represent strength and courage and when you decide to run a business one needs both.
Let your elder son know that belief in Dragons is very personal and quite unique ... just ... like ... him.
Miss Em

Roses said...

My dearest Miss Em;
I will properly inform The Husband not to tease dragons as humans are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.