Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Part of this complete breakfast.

I don't know why the subject come up last night, but both boys decided they did NOT like the idea of me consuming kittens.  (It was the fork that put them over the edge, apparently.)

"Why not squirrels, Mother," asked Younger Son.  "We don't like squirrels the way we like kittens."
I considered it.  "Sure.  Squirrels would taste nutty, right?  Like a breakfast cereal."


Dani said...

Yeah but you're way more likely to catch the bubonic plague from them. No seriously some squirels still carry it.

Corse upside: I always thought if you DID catch the plague you would win the calling in sick contest. "Hello work? Yeah I'm not going to be in. Why you ask? Well I've got the black death sooooo""

Mrs. Who said...

No. Not squirrels. Ever. Have you seen them close-up at the end of summer with the wormy-mange they get? No. Not even for a chance to call in sick to work.

Roses said...

Well... okay, then.
I'll tell the boys you all are insisting on the kittens.