Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Boos / Booze

Governor Walker took the stage to thunderous applause.
Passing through my studio at the same time, my boss commented, "I expected more boos."
I replied, "I could go for some of that myself."


Andy said...


Shanna said...

I love you!

Roses said...

Note: If I removed your comment, it is because you went political while I simply wanted a stiff drink.

Thanks anyway.

Miss Em said...

I Bad????


Miss Em

Roses said...

I wasn't gonna point fingers, Miss Em. ;-)

Lemon Stand said...

I had to reread that to get it and then I just had to laugh. Too Funny.

Miss Em said...

To Late.

I already did.

Now my punishment is to drink 2 fingers of Grey Goose on the Rocks.

Happy Days are here aagggginnnn![me singing]

hic-hic-hic up.

Miss Em