Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yay, me?

What do you do with an award that makes you feel uncomfortable?

I've won a couple awards in my lifetime.  I have several volleyball trophies, a "Best Actress" brick, stuff like that.
Only two really mean anything to me.
Both were given to me my senior year in high school.

One was an honorable mention for something in our school's sports conference.
I was nominated for this award by the coach from another school district. He admired my enthusiasm for the game of volleyball. I remember he was the only coach ever to shake my hand after a game. "Good hustle, Roses," he said to me. I was surprised he even knew my name.
I don't remember what this award was for, I didn't even win it, but the honorable mention means the world to me because of who nominated me.

The other award was something the high school teachers voted on. Every year, they chose one boy and one girl in the senior class who they believed held the character of a model student.
I wasn't aware this award even existed until they called me to the stage.
I still have the medal in my keepsake box. It holds value to me because of who voted for me.

Over the weekend I won an award.
A local group held a festival and awards show promoting "the arts", and for some reason, they gave me an award for being a boadcast media personality.

I have no idea why I was nominated, no idea why I won. I don't even know who judged us.
And, frankly, I find it odd that, as a nominee, I was never invited to the awards presentation.


I'm not really impressed that I won?
I feel uncomfortable about this.
The foot-tall gold statue on my desk makes me sad.  It surely must have more importance to someone else.  Someone to whom it mattered should have received it.  Not me.


Dani said...

Just take it as a complement. Like when someone you don't know very well tells you they like your shoes today. Sure it's a little akward and you didn't really want the attention but they are just trying to be nice and sincerly mean it.

Miss Em said...

??? Why not ask a few of them what they found in you and the way you did your job that made you stand out from all the others?
You might just be surprised and even more honored.
You will be standing there scratchin your head thinking "they thought that".
Which ever it is at least you can scratch the why off the list.

Miss Em

Miss Em said...

Thought I'd let you know that I copied the crochet pattern down in the previous posting. When I get the table cloth done, I will be checking my yarns to see if I got the colors I want in my newly painted bedroom.
I'll prob-a-bly[?] increase the pattern at least 3 times across so it will become a 'spread' and then do a narrow "one" in a contrast color for a bed skit.
Ambitious aren't I?
Oh and if "It" works out like my 'gray-goo-eee matter' is picturing it then I let you know.

Miss Em

Andy said...

Yeah Roses, I know what you mean. Sometimes you get "awarded" for just doing your thang...the thang you like doing.

Look at it this way: Somebody liked the way you did your thang, and wanted to say "thankee!"

Heck, I threw away three trophies I won in Marathon racing a few years back. I looked at them on the shelf and thought, "Man! At the time those seemed so important. I worked so hard to achieve that. I went "out of my comfort zone" to win those things...so that others would notice.

But, I've hung on to the cards from the boys, from Pam...and I got one in the mail today from Mom. (Sorry, I know that might be a touchy subject, and I understand if it is, so please forgive).

I actually think it's kinda cool when somebody you didn't know was looking appreciates what you just naturally do.


Harvey said...

Funny, but the one award that means the most to me is one that millions of other people have.

My dogtags.

Got 'em while I was in the Navy, right after boot camp. Which was the hardest 8 weeks of my life.

They're tiny, ugly, stamped aluminum plates, but I went through hell to earn 'em.