Thursday, February 17, 2011

Even Stevens

My favorite black heeled boots were looking ragged.  The toes were scuffed to the point that polish couldn't fill in the scrapes.  The heels were worn at a noticable angle.  To be honest, I don't give my footwear a lot of care.  I throw them into the bottom of my closet when I take them off.

So, no surprise when I took them out one morning, there was a flap of fabric hanging from the ankle where another shoe heel had dug in.

I sadly realized I would have to finally throw them out.

The same day I tossed the boots in the trash, I found myself wandering the second-hand store trolling for second-hand yarn.  Because that's what I do, you know.

And wouldn't you know it, right at eye level on the boot shelf was a beautiful pair of black heeled boots.
In my size.
For 6 bucks.

Mine.  Mine.  Mine.

They were half off.

Brand new boots.
Three dollars.

Yay, me!


gizzylaw said...

Three dollar boots... There is a song there, I think. Or a poem. Or something very profound. ;-)

Miss Em said...

Sounds like someone was watchin over you that loves to get bargins.

I've got to sit with a jar of petrolem jelly and work it into my elephant hide boots because its be awhile and they are really looking rough.

Miss Em

Dani said...

Great find!

I love boots. My favorite pair I ever bought were $30 at Marshals and I still wear them 15 years latter. 'Corse these days they are pretty beat up but I just call them vintage.

las794 said...

Yay thrift stores!

Thumper said...

Nice find, but used shoes skeeve me out...who knows what fungus lurks in the toes... :::shivers:::

(Heh. You're welcome.)

Roses said...

Thumper: Every once in a while, the boys will leave a Nerf dart in the toe of my shoes just to freak me out.

That'll wake you up early in the day.

Bou said...

I'm laughing. My family is so into rejoicing in good deals. We talk about the ones we've found. I think you just won our best deal contest.

Harvey said...

When God closes a door, he opens a window.

And throws a pair of awesome $3 boots through them.