Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And I have "Grass Growing" scheduled for spring

The boys didn't look happy to have to wait for the chocolate to solidify on their homemade chocolate-covered pretzel sticks.
So, as they sat at the table staring at the treats, I remarked, "Hey, it's better than watching paint dry."
Elder Son glared at me and replied, "It's JUST like watching paint dry."


Miss Em said...

Patients is a virtue.

It's a Mother's job to instruct a "wee" one in the use of patients
Even if it just...
1] watching grass grow so it can be mowed
2] watching paint dry .. been there doing that
3] watching chocolate dry on pretzels so I can stuff my face

Welp, Mom tried.

"Where's our chocolate covered pretzels? We want our pretzels!"
[screaming that at the top of my lungs as I beat a groove in this desk top]

"Oopps. I think my virtue is NOT showing."

Miss Em

Moogie P said...

Smart boy. Except, you don't get to eat luscious paint once it sets up. Choose wisely which wet substances you choose to pursue into dryness. There are very distinctive outcomes among wet substances -- and some are worth the wait.

Bob said...

Hard to argue with his point.