Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blogger + Facebook = BlogFaced

I have two Facebook accounts.
One for work.
One for my family and close friends.
And, I have this blog.

Facebook #1:  people who know me, listen to me, sell me their products and political views
Facebook #2:  people I grew up with, who know me well
This blog:  I can count on one hand the people who read it because they know me personally, but mostly you all just come here because you "met" me in passing, and you like me

Yesterday, I posted a message regarding the Chilean mine rescue.  I posted the same message in all three places.
I was looking for someone to watch the event unfold with me.
I even gave a running commentary throughout the afternoon while I was broadcasting live on the air.

A few diehard Ack!Thbbbt! folks left a comment here on this blog.  (Thank you.  I love you!)
But, no one said boo on either of my FB pages.
Not one.

And no one called the studio to say anything either.
Not one, "hey, thanks for the updates", nor any "knock it off already"s.

When I got home, I watched the live feed on the internet.  The boys came home from their extra-curriculars, and I excitedly told them all of the miners were out. 
"Oh, that's good."  And they went about doing their homework.
Be responsible and hard-working young men.  See if I care.

To The Husband I asked, "What does that tell me?  I need a life?  I need better friends?"
Sadly, he replied, "It means we are all more alone than we want to admit."

Have a frickin' great day.



Dani said...

Hey I was watchin' too just unfortunatly on a Spanish channel.

I think there comes a point in most adult lives where you discover that you don't actually have that many close friends any more. It's sad but at the same time makes you appreciate the ones you've got more (husbands in praticular)

vw bug said...

I was offline last night. Should be today but can't resist. For the first time in my life I actually cussed on the phone with a customer service representative - today. My hubby laughed when I told him and said she deserved it. But I still think it is oh so wrong. Sigh. So I'm readying blogs, going to go do farmville and finish up laundry. Hope to goodness I don't run into anything else to set me off. And while I am one of 'those' people. I hope you keep coming back and posting stuff. ;-)

Christie Critters said...

"It means we are all more alone than we want to admit."

How true, how true. As my son has grown and developed a life of his own, and my husband's career has become rich and fulfilling, I have struggled with exactly this thought...
I took 20 years "off" of a career track to raise a child while my husband focused on a career and the place where I am currently is strange and a little scarey...
Your husband is a wise man who hit the nail on the head...
And I DID stay up to watch the last of the miners come up - even though it made me really tired this AM

Roses said...

Hey Dani, I was watching on the Spanish channel, too. It was the only channel included in our uber-cheap cable package that had (almost) continuous coverage.

Couldn't understand a word they said.

vw bug: Hope the rest of your day picks up. More than a couple of us here are rather cranky. So, it's probably not just you. (Hope that helps.)

Thumper said...

Honestly...yesterday *so* many people were posting on FB about the miners that it became dead space. I know I couldn't comment on every single miner-oriented status...I would have been online all day. I just took it as general atmospheric excitement over how well it was going and moved on.

But then I have no IRL friends, so what do I know...?

Anonymous said...

Hope springs ect.
I shared with you, sometimes
your feelings can be so overhelming
there is no way to express them.
I have no blog , I shared one with
my daughter , she died three years
ago. Here one day, gone the next.
One less person to share and play
If you have anyone at all, consider
yourself lucky, blessed.

Roses said...

Thumper, that's weird.
None of my FB friends said boo about the mine on their own statuses either.

It was as if they didn't even know.

DogsDontPurr said...

I was watching on a Spanish channel too. I even listened with rapt attention to the Chilean President's entire speech. Even though I couldn't understand a word, I could feel what he was saying.

It had been a very emotional day for me for other reasons, and when they pulled that first guy out, I totally lost it and started bawling. Every time I heard another update, I had to shake back the tears. It was such a huge ray of hope and joy. It oddly helped me get through the trauma I was going through at the time. My husband was having heart surgery.

All the miners made it out, and my husband is now recovering and doing fine. What a roller coaster ride this has been. Sigh...of relief!

So, I was watching with you, just not on FB.

Roses said...

Oh, wow, DDP!
All those men coming up and holding their wives while you were worrying about your own.
Oh, honey.

Andy said...

"It means we are all more alone than we want to admit."

I don't know about that. Maybe we are all MORE connected than we realize. Just typing out loud here, but it's possible that we have so many relationships that there is not enough of us to go around.

A huge event like the miner rescue was certainly being covered everywhere, by everyone. So, I really don't find it odd that no one got on the train with you.

I think it's a better indicator of things when I post something like the struggles my oldest son is going through in his marriage, or some of my youngest son's struggles with autism, or when #3 son graduated from boot camp...personal stuff, you know. People most often jump on that stuff much more so than a news event.

Like I said...just typing out loud here. And as always, Andy's opinion is worth every penny it cost ya'.

Bou said...

I was with you... watching it intently. I just put a quick post up and then logged off my blog, checking it once or twice. (I don't do FB.) Next time, I'm coming here. I had the same reaction from my family, but I will say, EVERYONE at work was REALLY into it. I'm wondering if its because we're all a bunch of geek engineers and we were just enthralled with the feat itself?

But then we all got into who the guys were too. I mean, we really got into it, worrying about them and their families.

But not here at my house. I would do that Chi! Chi! Chi! Le! le! le! chant and they'd say, 'MOM! Enough!" They just weren't into it.

In this time where life is so depressing and news can be so sad, why would we not want to look for something so hopeful? I'll stop now...

Cellar Door said...

But he was right there with you when he said that!
Not alone. Maybe it means that real interactions with people are more important than digital ones.

But then, that's kind of like saying that this that I'm writing here doesn't matter, isn't it>?

Well, poop.