Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Two more hats

Office Manager stopped me in the hallway at work

She:  Roses, those pink hats you made for the auction?  How much would you sell those for normally?

Me:  I could let one of those go for eight dollars.

She:  Could you make me two of them?  I bought one of the pink ones, but I want a tan one and a black one.

Me:  Sure.

She:  Great!

Me:  For two extra bucks, I could put a rooster comb on them.

She: Uh, no.  Thanks.


las794 said...

Some folks just don't know what's cool. :)

Dani said...

Well maybe you won't get rich but hay ya might start making a profit. That'd be pretty cool.

Roses said...

las794: You know it!

Dani: The Husband supports my yarn habit, but it *is* nice to bring in a few bucks to defray the cost.

Miss Em said...

congrats for being commissioned to make 2 hats.....
But the "No thanks" to the rooster combs shows she has no adventure in her soul.

Miss Em