Thursday, September 02, 2010

Back to school

Every day you ask them, "Do you have everything ready?  Is everything in your backpack?"
Every day they answer, "Yes."
And they sit around pouting at you because you won't let them play on the computer before school anyway.

And every day, just as they have to walk out the door, they suddenly remember at least one thing they'd forgotten.

Just get out of my house.


Miss Em said...

I only did this once.
Mom made me get on the bus without it. All day long I kept remembering things that I should have had with me.
That night I made certain that everything was in my stack for the morning.
Sometimes it is more educational to learn the the lesson the hard way.

Miss Em

brandi said...

Did I ever forget stuff when I was going to school? You know, I don't remember. And sadly, I can't ask my parents.
Now I forget stuff. Did my parents ever say "it's your own fault?" Because now I say it to myself....
Carol from Catitude

Thumper said...

I forgot things a couple of times...and I called home and my mom actually brought them to me. Maybe because I didn't make a habit of it? I don't know...

I think I took something to my son once, after that it was, "Sucks to be you, kiddo." same thing if he got to the front door and realized he'd "forgotten" something. Too bad, get out or you'll be late. You'd think he would have learned after that, but happened A LOT...

DogsDontPurr said...

This is not only a phenomenon with children, adults do this too:

My husband left on a business trip yesterday. After making sure at least a thousand times that he had packed everything, I finally let him out the door.

Well, d'oh! The doofus left his cell phone behind! The cell phone that is his lifeline to his clients, as well as to me. Argh!!!!

I swear, that is the last time I let him out of the house alone! Erf!

(Oh, and not to mention that time we left for vacation, drove almost 60 miles and had to turn back because he forgot his insulin!!) the same!