Thursday, September 23, 2010

And now I'm deaf!

We had been driving for hours. 
I was tired.  I was hungry.
And the hotel restaurant was closed for renovations.

We walked to the nearby TGIFridays up the block.
The whole way I whined.
"I'm tired.  I'm cold.  And I'm hungry."

We enjoyed a lovely late dinner and walked back to our hotel.
I whined the whole way.
"I'm tired.  I'm cold..."
In the middle of my mantra, a motorcycle screamed past us.
"... and now I'm deaf!"


So now, whenever any member of the family realizes s/he's been whining in excess, s/he finishes by saying, "And now I'm deaf!"

"I had a test in every class today, my lunch was cold, and I couldn't get my locker open. (pause)  And now I'm deaf!"


Dani said...

I love family jargon!

vw bug said...

baw hahaha. I love it. BTW, thanks for the comment on cub scouts. Ugh. Oct 2nd is getting here to quickly.