Friday, August 06, 2010

This week in Random...

Why does take-out soup have to be SO hot?


Did I happen to mention I have a box of boobs on my desk?

They belonged to my breast-cancer surviving mother.
For some reason, I thought I could find someplace that could pass them along to someone in need, so I brought them home with me.
So far, no takers.
Anyone need a couple right-side boobs?
Nearest I can tell, they are size 3.

On your Walk for Boobies, you could throw them out like candy at a parade.
Lemme know...


I know what you're thinking now.
"They make prosthetic boobs in left and right side versions?"

Yes, they do.


I grew up watching TV shows like Gomer Pyle and Hogan's Heroes.  I had the impression that furlough was a good thing.
Not so much when you work in the private sector.


Btw, you can't spell "furlough" without F.U.


When it comes to skills and talent, there is no difference between an amateur and a professional except a professional is better at convincing someone to pay them for what they do.


My children like the humor of The Smothers Brothers.
They stayed up till 10pm last night listening to "Sibling Revelry" on CD.
Very cool.


Shanna said...

So is there really a right and left boob? My mom could use a new left boob, not even sure what size she would need since she hasn't gotten a new one in 11 years. It finally broke open this summer on her.
Do you know what they are filled with? Sticky goo. At least my mom's was.

If you want I would take one off your hands to see if it would work for my mom.

We live in Burlington, WI and I work in Racine. Email me and I can get your address to send you some money for it and if you would be so kind to mail it down for my mom that would be great.

Thumper said...

Size 3 Boobies?
That sounds like a country song...

I might get tossed outta the walk if I start throwing boobs around...

Mrs. Who said...

The boobs would be perfect for Mardi Gras parades...when some yells 'show us your tits!', throw those at them!

Roses said...

Mrs. Who: Bah-ha-ha!