Friday, August 27, 2010

Facebook Friday

Is there anything more annoying on Facebook than having a teenaged female friend that posts every little thing about her high school relationships? ...cryptically?

"I was afraid this would happen."
"I don't think I can take anymore."
"Oh, no you didn't!"

Intersperse with snippets of sappy song lyrics.

What other kinds of  FB friends annoy you?


Miss Em said...

I have one that the only thing he does is "Farmville" nothing else and it get loaded onto my facepage. Seriously thinking about removing him. Don't care about that stupid "Farmville" crap-polla.

Miss Em

ps Thanks for becoming one of my followers...THAT was a definite surprise. Happy to have you come visit.

Shanna said...

I have an almost 40 year old sister in law who does that. She is nuts anyway plus we all figure she has that disease where to make herself feel better there is ALWAYS some (allegedly) serious health issue with one of her kids. Amazing how a family that never leaves the house, she supposedly is homeschooling the kids, gets Mono every other month. ;) I only keep her on as a friend for the entertainment value.

Roses said...

Miss Em: You can hide the Farmville posts without deleting the friend. Mouse over the upper right hand area of the post, click the "x", and you'll get the options of Hide Friend or Hide Farmville. You can Hide Farmville, and if your friend ever posts anything else, you can see it.

Also, I don't know why I didn't Follow you sooner. :)

Andy said...

Roses, I found that I could not even enjoy Facebook because of all my teenage nieces, second cousins, and other young folks that asked the old guy to be a "friend."

Constant bombardment of every burp and giggle.

But I mean, how are ya' gonna turn down young folks, or boot them from your list?

So, I set up a fake identity, let all the people that I REALLY wanted to keep up with know said identity, and I have enjoyed immensely the about a dozen or so serious, mature "friends" I've got on The Facebook.

Dani said...

Honestly I just kinda hate the status update feature.

"I'm doing laundry", "Just made cookies", "Why haters gotta hate?"

I don't care! I mean hey if something exciting happens like getting a new job or something by all means post it and I'll say congratulations.

Christie Critters said...

I absolutely can't wait to tell The Bearded One how to get Farmville off of his Facebook page...He will be so excited!

nnmlknw said...

I'm afraid it's the gamers who list every little tiny thing that they play.

Teresa said...

I hide all those apps that people seem to want to mess about with. But I have also hidden a couple of people I friended...

One of them because he spends all day posting political stuff. It has nothing at all to do with whether I agree with any of it (some yes, some no) but I don't think this guy does ANYTHING else. I swear there is a post from him every 2 minutes... how? Does he not even stop to take bathroom breaks???

The other is a woman who posts endless "Inspirational" quotes. Once again I don't know how she's doing it... every couple of minutes a new one shows up. You'd think she'd run out of them and have to go look some up!!!

So my page was full of

...yada yada yada

Those were the worst offenders and since I read only little snippets from a gadget on my home page and seldom get on the FB page directly... most everything else I can read and shrug or laugh or send good wishes.

The one thing I did check was that both have hundreds of "friends" on their lists so I know they won't know I'm not paying attention to them. LOL.

Roses said...

Teresa: I've noticed some folks use a handy-dandy quote generator. Easier to post a mile a minute with those.

Cellar Door said...

My sister gives me unsolicited advice on Facebook. I post, "I need egg cartons," thinking someone might give me egg cartons, and she comes up with a scheme for me to sell eggs all over creation, and when I make some excuse she then has me selling them to restaurants, and when I make some excuse... well, I'll spare you. I just wanted a few egg cartons.

I could never block her out, of course, even though she's the worst, most petty facebooker I know!

Christina Martin said...

Then there are the posts that are full of meaning and emotion, but don't say a thing. "This is ridiculous." Followed later by "Is it really going to happen?" and then "Never mind."