Monday, July 19, 2010

Yeah, I checked the phone, and it works just fine.

Remember a year or two ago when all the males were gone to Scout camp and I had the house to myself?  One of the Scout moms invited me to Mall of America and an overnite at a hotel with an indoor waterpark.
I told her I cherished the weekends home alone and didn't want to spend my "free" time away from the house.  She excitedly pointed out they were going in the middle of the week!  Yeah, well, I work, and I'm not keen on taking time off to drive six hours round trip for shopping.  Thanks, but no.

This year, she tells me that while the men are gone, a group of the women are going to the movies on Sunday afternoon.  Am I interested? 
What?  A fifteen minute drive for a movie?  I'll be home before sunset?
Yes!  Please!  Call me and tell me when!

::crickets chirping::

::checks wristwatch - taps glass::
Looks like it's Monday.

Do I really need one more reason to not like the Scouts?

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Miss Em said...

Don't cha just 'loves' people who can't keep up with the list of who needs to know the who, what, when and where.

Guess my word for them might apply here. "Schmucks"

Miss Em