Monday, July 26, 2010

One Moment in Alaska

Recently, The Husband and Elder Son trekked across the Alaska wilderness with the Scouts.
They each carried a waterproof camera.

After developing the film, I observed a few things:
1)  The Husband's photos included many poses of himself with Elder Son
2)  Elder Son's photos were mainly scenery and his buddies
3)  The Husband took pictures when it rained
4 ) Elder Son took pics on the airplane

But, the one thing that caught my attention more than anything, was that these two individuals with different interests and different eyes for photo-taking, in a world filled with new things that meant different things to each of them, came back with these practically identical photos:

The Husband's photo


Elder son's photo



Andy said...

HA! They are related. At my Dad's 75th birthday party, three of us kids gave him the very same card.

Roses said...

OMG, Andy! That's hysterical!

Andy said...

You shoulda been there! It got funnier and funnier...