Friday, July 30, 2010

Now with extra flakes!

The Flakes strike again!

After they called us yesterday afternoon to set up a playdate for today, and after confirming the plans yesterday evening, the Flake family once again changed their mind at the last minute and decided Young Flake was not allowed to come over.

But, this time, they decided to not tell us.
They simply did not bring the boy over.

When Younger Son finally called their house, half an hour after expected arrival, Mom Flake said Young Flake had too many things to do at home.

"Half an hour later!" Younger Son vented to me. "And they weren't going to call. I was looking forward to seeing him! I was waiting. I could've been doing something!"

I'm beginning to think it's us.
Oh gosh! Not the AckThbbbt house! Anywhere but there!
Shh! Let's be quiet and maybe they won't find us.



Andy said...

That poor kid. It must be tough having folks like that.

Naw, it's not y'all, Roses. If it was, the wingnut wouldn't have called to set the thing up to start out with.

Unless she's a double wingnut.

Have you ever given her your blog url? Just curious...

Teresa said...

Nice as the kid is, it's time for you and your son to be "busy" when they start asking for "playdates".

The only other thing to do is for your son to tell his friend, "If you can't call to tell me you can't make it to my house when I'm waiting, I'm really sorry, but I'm not going to wait around for you."

It's rather harsh, but the boy himself can pick up the phone and call. If his mom is the one not allowing him to call then that conversation above is between you and her.

I actually told one of my daughter's friends once "if you leave, don't come back" (she had left my daughter in tears 2 times and was on her way out the door for the 3rd round). She stayed and there was no more nonsense. Heh.

Dani said...

Not cool. Poor kid #1 he (and your son) are getting jerked around #2 he's being taught really bad manners.