Thursday, July 22, 2010

Next Question: *now with explanation*

When is it OK to make a joke about someone's dog getting run over by a truck?
a)  When someone's dog has been hit by a truck
b)  When no one's dog has been hit by a truck
c)  When you thought someone's dog had been hit by a truck
d)  When you didn't know someone's dog was hit by a truck
e)  Other (elaborate in the comments)

*Here's the background*
The company website (for two radio stations and a newspaper) allows visitors to comment without indentification.
A co-worker posted a new picture of her dog. A visitor noticed this dog is a different dog from the one co-worker had several months ago. So, this visitor posted a comment reading:
"Hey, when did your dog get run over by a truck? Condolences."

Co-worker's previous dog had been run over by a truck.

After receiving an e-mail from co-worker, visitor pleaded ignorance to knowing the previous dog was dead. Said he was sorry. Said again he didn't know, didn't know.

So, in his mind, the correct answer is D.

But, I don't see how that's okay.
Really?  You notice someone has a new dog and you suggest his/her old dog died a violent death?
And that's funny?
I can't think of any occasion when that kind of comment is okay.

(On a happier note... miracle story tomorrow!)


Andy said...

Well, what breed of dog is it?

Gotta know that to give a proper answer. Just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to go with "never" since I don't like the though of anything being run over by a truck.

Jen said...

I choose D. If you didn't know you can't be faulted for bringing up hurt feelings.

Dani said...

Well given those choices I guess B buuuuuuut I for one wouldn't find it funny no matter what. I like dogs.

Thumper said...

Hmmm...I would also say never. I just wouldn't find anything funny in the idea of a dog being run over, whether it had actually happened or not.

Roses said...

Okay, thanks for the answers.

I am now going to post the reason behind the question.

Does it make a difference?

Christie Critters said...

Even knowing the explanation, I would say "never". If the visitor noticed a different dog, a proper response would be: "Hey, looks like a different dog! Is the other one OK, or did something happen? If so, Condolences." Never joke about something bad happening to someone's (probably beloved) pet. It is in very bad taste.

Andy said...

Okay, I'm glad for the explanation.

I have actually made jokes about dogs being run over before. When I lived in SW Colorado, the gorgeous landscape was littered with three-legged Blue Heelers. Seriously. You could not drive one mile without seeing a three legged Blue Heeler.

In case you don't know...they chase cars, trucks, fire engines, cattle, and anything else that moves.

I was driving along with a friend of mine, and we saw a Blue Heeler with all four legs. I said to him, "That heeler must have been born with five."

Sure, it wasn't a funny joke. But, it was a joke nonetheless. I'm ashamed.

I have actually had three of my beloved canines smashed by vehicles. Elvis (a Basset Hound), Muffin (a Lhasa Apso), and Odie (a fine male black Lab).

So, I guess I should keep better watch on my animals.

But honestly, I don't think it's such a big deal if somebody makes a joke about such a thing. I probably wouldn't laugh about it, but I would not think badly of the person that made the joke.

las794 said...

Yikes, I bet that joker felt like a prize heel!

Cellar Door said...

I think it's okay if you know for a fact that the person has never owned a dog, does not have a dog, never wants to own a dog, and has never run over a dog. So, basically, never. Unless you want to tell the joke to me, because I meet the above criteria.

Harvey said...

The only time it's ok to make the comment is when you know the person you're talking to has a thick skin and a rough sense of humor.

All humor is fine, given an appropriate audience.

If you don't know who'll be hearing the comment, it needs to be more tasteful.

Unless you sincerely don't give a crap what other people think of you.