Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let's club Roses over the head a bit, shall we?

Sat down in my boss' office yesterday and sighed deeply.

"Hey," said I, "can we get any non-fatal diseases in the studio for a change besides cancer?  You know, some nice age spots or some bunions?"


Twice during the last three talk shows, there have been interviews with women dying of cancer.

Crap, you say?
Oh, no.
Double crap. 
With a crap biscuit.
Dipped in crap sauce.



The Gray Monk said...

Given that he must know about your mother and your sister, I'd say that's a bit insensitive...

I hope he got the message...

Dani said...

Yeah that would be depressing for anyone but for you....good greif!

Roses said...

I dunno, G-Monk. What's he supposed to do when these folks have events coming up they are on the air to promote?
Can't deny them airtime because of me any more than we can delete all the funeral home ads or eliminate the obituaries I have to read every noon hour.

It's just a crummy situation.
He appreciates it, but there's not much either of us can do if I want to keep doing my job.


Teresa said...

*sigh* It will pass, like all else. Life goes in waves up and down. You are definitely on the down wave at the moment and everything seems to be conspiring... *double sigh* Hang in there.

vw bug said...